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If this is your first time here, I would recommend starting with some of my Short Stories before diving too deep into my Political ramblings. Four out of five of those stories are true and will give new readers an idea of the type of person you’re dealing with. People are just people; anywhere you go. The differences between us are very small and trivial; generally we all seem to struggle with the same type of shit on a social level. Humans are resilient and they adapt. Humans adapt to their environment.

Generally speaking; the differences between people break down to language, diet, and mythology. Whether economic ideology or religious rhetoric; it’s all hypothetical brain-storm type stuff that I’m going to classify as “mythology”. Diet is largely based on ones local environment. Finally – we have language; which is also pre-determined based on where one happens to be born.

All of these things are just interesting ideas that one or a few of us came up with at some point during our 200,000 year evolution. One-at-a-time nuggets of societal evolution.

Each of those things are cultural; and cultures should be shared. We shouldn’t kill each other over silly cultural and tribal differences. There’s no need for violence in 2014. The level of globalized interconnection and shared media present in our world should be enough for us to see how human everyone else is.

The point I’m trying to make is that if you take the extremism out of a fifteen year old bible thumper from the belt; and the extremism out of a fifteen year old mujahid; you’ve got two average, male, teenage brains thinking about tonight’s game or about the girl they like.

Take ten people from each of the habitable continents and put them on the same roller coaster. They’re going to have a great time together.

We’re all riding on the same cosmic roller coaster through the universe. Our species has spilled a lot of blood over this marble we all live on. From far enough away, we’re indistinguishable from ants. If you’ve ever watched a video of an ant colony; you most certainly will have noticed how well ants get along.

There are exceptions to this of course; there have been wars between ant colonies; intercontinental invasions; and competing factions fighting for control of limited resources.

I guess ants get along when they have to; but completely destroy a competing tribe for control of property and resources when they deem it in their best interests.

Perhaps ants are a lot like us.


JG Oblivious
NoK Contributing Editor

P.S. Enjoy the page.

Canada, Inc. – La Fin: Red Plus Thirteen


*le sigh*

Here we go…

Goodbye beaches and rivers. Goodbye Arctic.

Goodbye Indigenous communities affected by neglect and extreme racism. A lot of whom have opened up legal pot shops on their sovereign lands after being left out of the big business legislating of cannabis laws. Are you going to let them prosper or attack them for being the same kind of entrepreneurial that the suit and tie guys are in the cities; albiet focused on their communities and not their stock portfolios.

A most hearfelt farewell to protected environmental areas and extreme immediate investments in green technology that we need to exist for the next million generations.

Indeed, farewell to those future generations. Thou is missed in thine logical absence from the brief arc of time in which our species has but a drip of belonging.

The blue guys and the red guys are the same guys, guys.

Super job, champs.



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Canada, Inc. – Part 13: The Hill The Red Wave Died On

I shared an NDP meme on my personal Facebook and my MP reached out via private message to clarify/correct my inaccurate information.

Below is a copy of the Facebook message sent to my MP:

You’re a great representative for our region and are demonstrating the kind of politician we need more of.

I find the SNC Lavalin affair to be a sore point for me regarding the party. It confirmed for me where the priorities of the two main parties lay when things get down to the 11th hour bare bones reality. The blue fellas operated for ten years with SNC Lavalin-PAE as the go-to military contractor for the missions in Bosnia and Afghanistan. Another former subsidary, SNC-Tech, sold the US Military millions of bullets for use in Iraq. This is a war-profiteer swaying our federal government; and this particular set of facts was conveniently left out of the coverage.

To hear Scheer’s response on the issue at the time and also to hear Trudeau’s denials of wrongdoing after the ethics report came out was heartbreaking. Especially when the words said for his blackface apology would have fit perfectly as an apology for what happened with SNC.

To think that Scheer wouldn’t have interfered in the same manner the Ethics Commissioner says Trudeau did would be naive of me. As would believing Trudeau’s response script would vary much from that of Scheer’s. Ad-hominem bipartisan quibbling is always theatre.

While I trust you, my MP; I do not trust the Prime Minister nor the party.

My position on the SNC affair is very very biased which is why it shapes my opinion of the Liberal party so strongly.

I served in Kandahar working for SNC and swept up carcinogenic pesticide covered sand/dust in enclosed spaces for five months without a respirator or informed consent as to the danger. We were all also exposed to the burn pits every day for the duration of that war. There was a failed lawsuit in the US against KBR for the burn pits specifically. The only other outlying environmental factor in my life is living in Pictou County downwind from Northern Pulp my whole life (different discussion, though I find your position on that issue solid and fair).

Since 2008 I have had multiple surgeries to remove rare unrelated tumors from multiple locations in my body.

This includes three surgeries on the sole of my right foot that leave me at an impairment of mobility such that every piece of me hurts all of the time. Just severe enough to struggle with everyday things that consume every bit of energy and free time that I have; not severe enough to recieve any sort of help. Many simply think I am lazy or faking it.

Happy to watch SNC crumble. Sad to see the Red wave defend them. For me, the SNC affair is the hill that the Red Wave died on. I hope you win and the Liberals lose so Trudeau is replaced.

The way you operate; friendly with every representative and constituent at every level of government and never using personal attacks while also remaining factual and answering questions is the kind of inborn personality traits that a party leader should have.

The kinds of policy changes we need are immediate and very very left (I vote for the person not the party). The reality in Nova Scotia is different than that of Alberta or Ontario and expecting to come to any meaningful or actionable sort of consensus on a National level on issues like green energy and climate change is borderline unfathomable. Please prove me wrong.




Canada, Inc. – Part 14: We Have a Four Party System, Damnit!

The above was a paid advertisement by my incumbent (Liberal) Member of Parlaiment that implies there are only two options this time around.


At no time in Canadian history has the time to take our country back from corrupt bankers and politicians and elites been more realistic and fathomable an option as it is right this moment! There are at least FOUR candidates in every riding. One for EVERY major party.

The above post by a local Liberal Party campaign implies that only two parties (perspectives) matter. That is inaccurate as the Green Party has candidates in every riding. They could (by fluke/chance) have a green wave wash across the country just like our corrupt Prime Minister Trudeau lucked into last time.

It wasn’t luck though, was it? The banks and hedgefund managers needed legal weed and the Blues could never hand that to them. But here we are.

The Greens and NDP aren’t vote splitting parties this time around. There are four candidates in almost every riding in Canada for the first time in history.

Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and Greens have candidates running in every riding


Canada, Inc. Part 12 – Russia, Greenland, and the Arctic Council

The second largest country in the world bordering the largest country in the world tied in with the property and cultural rights of the member states, participants, working groups, councils, and other subsidiary bodies of the Arctic Council (More Info 1, More Info 2) is an important yet avoided topic of discussion in Canadian politics.

Russia has the oligarchical ability to simply order large swathes of the country into compliance. Canada has corporations to nudge politicians into essentially the same thing. Instead of any meaningful action, we bitch about it on Facebook and passively accept how progressively and perpetually we’re being shafted environmentally and economically.

Solar panels all over the arctic, all over Saskatchewan, all over Siberia.

Dump money into it. Russia will use North Korean slave labour (like they always do) for those really far away money saving projects for the Kremlin. We can then ignore that fact and enter into a peaceful agreement to share green power. We can team up and distribute green technology to the world by virtue of simply covering massive amounts of open space producing a resource thats’ need is perpetually growing and very low impact on the environment. Architecture it into the landscape.

We have societies all around the Arctic Circle that have existed thousands of years before Mass European Immigration to the Americas or any other part of the world.

Arctic sovereignty will be a massive political issue between Canada, Russia, and Greenland (Denmark) as climate change progresses and new lands become traversable and then inhabitable.

This means new oil reserves and shipping routes. This means new military bases. This means new international priorities. This means new compromises.

Are the same people and values that directed how Canada and the United States handled the Russian invasion of Ukraine or Afghanistan or Syria the same kinds of people and values that we want directing whether we lead with cooperation or shoot at our Arctic neighbors?

What do you think the North American strategy would be?

Arm and train the first nations people encircling the arctic and then impose sanctions on the groups within the borders of other countries that are not explicitly Tweeting that they are “with us”?

To hell with that warmongering horseshit!

Shame on those swine! Shame!

Peacemakers and peacekeepers. That’s who we are.

It may not be who our politicians and corporations are but it damn well is who Canada is.

Before we consider any friendly relation with Moscow; the Russians gotta stop beating queers and fucking with Muslims and other minorities. Chill on that hate-shit.




Canada, Inc. – Part 11: Environment Girl, Ad-Hominem Politics, and The Collapse of Capitalism

(Shared by someone in my Facebook feed)

These are different things! The media painted him as a racist and based on the initial false impression created by those inaccurately reporting the situation, people hated the kid. She is rock-solidly asking the right questions to the right people for the whole world to see and it scares the dogshit out of the establishment.

Attacks on the boy were for perceived bigotry. Incorrect info reported. He was a scapegoat to distract and further divide people.

Attacks on the girl are exclusively ad hominem attacks primarily coming from people with a very specific set of political beliefs. This set of individuals are losing this capitalist paradise that was so carefully constructed during the industrial revolution. Successive generations were indoctrinated into believing and accepting this system as necessary through the antiquated education system we still use. Values and beliefs are ingrained slowly but similarly to the way that 1950’s U.S. guv’ment commie-fear videos claimed the Red’s brainwashed their folks. We’re just gentler about it in the west.

Cultural shaping is done through the plotlines of our sitcoms and whatever is momentarily in the spotlight of the 24-hour news cycle.

She totally has the power the snap this twisted matrix.

In a Canadian context; we need to look at our politicians strategies. Are they using ad hominem attacks more than discussing facts? Listen and see. Really listen.

I align with the Greens and the NDP. In a perfect world, Greens. We do not live in a perfect world. If you live in an area where vote splitting would allow a Conservative to take the seat – vote them out by voting for the Green or Orange that WILL oust as many opposition incumbents and deny as many Conservative candidates as possible.

The ONLY thing the Conservatives have right is gun laws.

We must be armed to the fucking teeth when the shit hits the fan. Unfortunately the only ones who will be prepared are the nutjobs in the backwoods stocked up with ammunition and food preserves for a hypothetical conspiracy that when the government tries to take their guns or infringe on their “Christian Values” that they have the means to enforce their freedom with violence; instead of everyone collectively preparing for the much graver demise of our ecosystem.

My belief is that the world is already environmentally devastated beyond repair and those in power know; as opposed to allowing absolute anarchy by being honest – they satiate us with things to distract and pleasure us until the oxygen disappears.


Part 12


Canada, Inc. – Part 10: Abolish the Federales

A revised election system is necessary. I dunno exactly what that looks like.

It may be as radical as looking like having our provincial ministers represent us federally as well, abolishing the whole three tiered system developed during a time when boat was the sole method of trans-Atlantic travel.

A time when federal ministers travelled by horse, train, or ship to represent us halfway across a continent.

Technology and travel advancements since then make a lot of neat stuff possible.

The excessive separation between us and them only serves to allow the least-oppressive power structure that the West has refined in the past few thousand years to keep us running at the status quo; ensuring job security for the ‘old guard’ during a time when drastic change is needed in a lot of areas.

Each party has at least one good policy (on paper); so in the interest of representing everyone by this system we have – very little progress is made in a timely manner.

In a nutshell… We have to find a way out of this political paradigm in which literally every political body can take long periods of time between official statements about issues like Northern Pulp or the SNC thing; and the comments pass the buck to someone else. Then that entity can take long periods of time to craft a statement that then passes the hot potato.

Yet nobody sets it down, lets it cool off, and checks how much longer we need to leave the potato in the fire before everyone agrees it is a fucking potato.

Canada needs a touch more transparency and a few more public jailings of CEOs and politicians… You know, for the ratings. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It works: 36 Bankers, 96 Years In Jail




Canada, Inc. Part 9 – Health, Business, and the Environment

Greener cities; more exercise, healthier food.

We all need need these things. If the energy grid ever went down and we relied on fossil fuels in a post-apocalyptic world (something like Aleppo or The Walking Dead); without any sort of government structure in place; we’d soon run out and go mad. The chronically out-of-shape would perish almost immediately.

The time to be proactive is now. Solar panels on every roof. Windmills in every yard. ‘A self-sustaining micro-grid’ must be the descriptor of every community. Many communities that have poisonous industrial dangers (like Northern Pulp in Pictou County, NS) often have higher incidence of cancers (also like Pictou County, NS).

The individual writing this is in the beginning stages of his third tumor in ten years. When surgery comes, it will be number 5 was pretty darn scared a few months ago about this growth in his face that resembled a previous facial growth. Got way worse since it started this time around. Then I ate a pound of weed and it got better (or so it seems?). Weed works.

The last two tumors were not cancerous, so I was told. The surgery for each included nerve damage and has crippled me; to a minimal degree, ensuring constant pain and unbalance. The first tumor was in my right foot (a benign spindle cell tumor). Since the three surgeries for it; I limp; have constant leg and back pain; I trip over and fall a lot; and it takes me a lot longer to do certain things than it does other people. Sometimes I’m incredibly spry. I bounce and run and jump steps or shoot hoops for hours or do a half hour of cardio at the gym.

Those are times I have smoked cannabis. Period.

My second tumor was in my neck; in my parotid gland. The doctor sliced my neck and moved my facial nerves aside to slice out part of my face that was underneath… and part of my neck… and some lymph nodes. Turns out it wasn’t cancer, so they said.

Now, when I get sick, the left side of my throat doesn’t swell. There is nothing to swell. My right side though; aches. It debilitates me. My head feels like it was cracked with a hammer every time I get sick. I bite my lip. I get neck/muscle twitches; and the uneven nature of my neck muscles is the only thing about which I am self-conscious.

I grew up within aeration distance of Northern Pulp in Abercrombie, Pictou County, Nova Scotia. I also spent 7 months living downwind of the burn pits on Kandahar Airfield during some of the highest troop concentrations of that war. Every scrap of waste was burned. Mattresses; bottles, and body fragments included. Two carcinogenic pesticides were sprayed on every road every week to prevent malaria.

In addition to living near that pestilence; I was also a cleaner. Some of the sand in Kandahar is as talcum powder. Shortly before I came home; I found a document outlining the two types of pesticides they sprayed on the roads twice per week to kill the malaria mosquitoes. Both cancer causing. I had spent almost every day of work for 6 days a week for my first four months in theater in enclosed spaces sweeping up talcum powder dust that had been twice weekly dusted with carcinogenic pesticides without any sort of breathing protection.

So. Here is me. Finally with everything I have ever wanted in my life currently in my hands.


Tumor number three. On the opposite side of my face as it was last time. Exactly the same place. It’s more painful this time. Different. This scare me. One of my eyes hurt.

Where do I turn?

Everybody in Pictou County is in the same risk over Northern Pulp as one another; so that brings me no help.

My time spent in Afghanistan was as a civilian contractor working for a large Canadian contracting company well entrenched in scandal. I was not a member of the military. I do not have a service number that entitles me to call Veterans Affairs for any sort of help. Given how the government has treated actual veterans, even if I did have a service number I can’t imagine they’d jump on board to help little old me with what is our generations “Agent Orange”. To be clear; I was not given protective equipment or informed of the risk. I found the MSDS for the pesticides on a whim and by chance.

There was a lawsuit in Florida that I tried to take part of a few years ago against KBR (Kellogg Brown and Root). KBR was responsible for burning the garbage in Kandahar; along with a lot of other bases during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. That lawsuit failed. The plaintiffs were a group of veterans who developed rare cancers and neurological issues after service. Their sicknesses are similar to the kinds of illnesses that 9/11 first respondents developed.

See… KBR is a subsidiary of Halliburton. Halliburton is the multinational oil company that former Vice President Dick Cheney was CEO of immediately before becoming Vice President in 2000. Immediately before the September 11th attacks. Shortly before the incredibly profitable (for KBR) invasion of Afghanistan. Somewhat before the even more profitable invasion of Iraq. See… these wars were wars of profit. Unfathomable amounts of government money being paid to corruptly connected companies for very fathomable amounts of work/products.

In the case of all of the garbage being burned; Kellogg Brown and Root bid on the contract to dispose of the waste at the cheapest rate for a specific period of time. They burned it; and poisoned us all. The government let them.

This is but an even grander macrocosm shining-example of what happens in the oil patches of Alberta; or the gold mines in Central and South America; or the chocolate slaves in Africa; or the indentured servants in Saudi Arabia, or the environmental racism directed at the Pictou Landing First Nations; or almost all of the rapes and pillaging of humanity over the course of human history. Well… at least since we came up with the concept of currency.

Almost everybody has a price and the ‘big winner’ is usually the guy with the most disposable cash.

Money talks. It ends every discussion. It makes people blind. It eliminates their empathy.

Most importantly, it buys influence.

The world we live in today is one in which a significant portion of the population stares into a small rectangle for most of their waking hours while they tap the front of it for dopamine shots.

All anyone has to do is pay a few dollars and target a message at generally where people are and they can’t help but see it. Imagine having unlimited money to dump subtle messages into the magic-hypno-cube of any and everyone you ever want to. Half the population is divided on an effluent pipe? Use marketing money to pump propaganda to confuse and divide people at a time when political advertising laws are not up to date with the ever-changing technology.

To create a healthier population; we need to prioritize health over profit in every situation.

Things like subsidized healthcenter memberships and mandatory access to healthy food. Subsidized self-sustaining gardens for every household. Solar panels and windmills for everyone.

It also includes things like choosing technologies and situations that will be good for us in 50 to 100 years not acutely profitable now (for example Northern Pulp). By also changing other things at the same time, like ensuring we are all eating fresh healthy food that doesn’t cause cancer. Things like guaranteeing we all have opportunity for exercise and education on being healthy.

We also must reduce the impact of harmful industries collapsing. The big fear of families that rely on horrible environmental disasters for income have is that they will not be able to pay their bills and feed their kids. Why can’t the government eliminate that fear for everyone through legislation?

  • High-speed internet should be a human right (but it’s not because somebody profits from it)
  • All transportation should be emission free (but it’s not because somebody profits from it)
  • Every community should be able to completely produce it’s own food inside a government subsidized food greenhouse. Every family should be given the tools to grow food on their own property or in their own home (but it will never happen because food companies like profit and drug companies want us sick)

These are a few simple examples. The illustration I wish you to see from all this is that all of these issues we face in our time affect each other; they are not stand alone. The common denominator is some dickhead in a corner office reaping the profits of our un-wellness.

All that dickhead and their arsehole comrades need to do is maintain the status quo. That’s it. Do nothing.

Having just one of these issues fixed appropriately would make an almost unimaginable world of difference for people in our country. People like me would hail it as an incredibly just victory. Much like we all thought we were doing with marijuana legalization. That itself is a shining example of a century of nonsense propaganda being proven wrong and conveniently never ever addressed afterward. Nor was the credibility of all those fighting against it’s legalization ever questioned; nor were they personally about how deeply and horribly wrong they were.

Their willful destruction and theft of the lives of people incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis offenses since it was prohibited has never been publicly addressed with anyone in the Conservative party. We just keep on rolling as we stare at our rectangles.

The difference is this; our side would consider the government guaranteeing that every roof in Canada has solar panels on it would be a monumental victory for the continuance of our species. As a contrast; our deserved victory would be nothing but a larger-than-usual-yet-still-brief-dip in the value of those dickhead’s and arsehole’s investment portfolios.


Part 10