The Universal Time Suck

Deactivated my Facebook page last night. Just wanted to see what it was like.

It was awesome.

Signed back on today so that I can pro-actively not lose touch with those I chat with exclusively on Facebook; though I’ll be deactivating again soon.

What alternate forms of internet communication are prevalent amongst you all?

  • Twitter?
  • Google+?
  • WordPress?
  • Email? 
  • ICQ?

What do you do?

The only function on there that isn’t a waste of time is the chat function. 

I need an alternative for that. What alternatives do you use?

Anyone interested in keeping in touch should PM me an alternative like text, ICQ or _________.

Hate to put the onus on others to let me know how they want to communicate; but this Facebook shit really is the bane of our generation.  Sit down for a minute after work to check messages and all of a sudden its 10:22 PM and you haven’t had supper yet.

Its the universal time-suck.

Logic and reason says it has to go.