One Little Lie

One little lie
said out of spite
for reasons unknown
for reasons not right

You hurt many people
their lives disrepaired
you laughed your sick ass off
you’d better be scared

Innocence stolen
sin guaranteed
all because you
did one tiny deed

One cornerstone lie
on a castle of woe
one little lie
you don’t even know

A gun in my hand
a knife in my back
I’ll fucking find you
You cowardous hack

When I did find you
forgiveness I felt
forever forgiven
for that one card you dealt

Oblivious in Dubai: Part 2

The urban hum of car engines buzzing up and down the streets during the wee hours of the morning.

Alive, lost and drunk.

As I exited the car park on the bottom floor of the brothel I’d just escaped, I wasn’t sure if I came from the left or from the right. The parking garage exited into an alleyway.  No recognizable landmarks to be found on either side.

To my left – a criss-crossing of alley-ways and darkness.

To my right – homeless people and sadness… and darkness.


How did I get here? (see:  Oblivious in Dubai:  Part 1)


Must get back to the hotel, my flight is in about six hours.  I wish I owned a watch.

I go right.

My inebriated corporeal container stumbles down the alley – between the hoards of homeless-sons-of-the-great sub-continent.

No fear.  These guys are here for work; sending money back to their families in India, Bangladesh, Nepal; among many other places.

The locals treat them as sub-human.

Sub-humans from the sub-continent.  It’s unfortunate that the artificial lines people place between themselves still exist.  It’s not even a matter of racism anymore – it’s class-ism.  The economically disadvantaged being bent over by the economically prosperous.

Drunk, white and business casual I be. As I light a cigarette, they don’t even notice me.

Part Three