Oblivious in Dubai: Part 2

The urban hum of car engines buzzing up and down the streets during the wee hours of the morning.

Alive, lost and drunk.

As I exited the car park on the bottom floor of the brothel I’d just escaped, I wasn’t sure if I came from the left or from the right. The parking garage exited into an alleyway.  No recognizable landmarks to be found on either side.

To my left – a criss-crossing of alley-ways and darkness.

To my right – homeless people and sadness… and darkness.


How did I get here? (see:  Oblivious in Dubai:  Part 1)


Must get back to the hotel, my flight is in about six hours.  I wish I owned a watch.

I go right.

My inebriated corporeal container stumbles down the alley – between the hoards of homeless-sons-of-the-great sub-continent.

No fear.  These guys are here for work; sending money back to their families in India, Bangladesh, Nepal; among many other places.

The locals treat them as sub-human.

Sub-humans from the sub-continent.  It’s unfortunate that the artificial lines people place between themselves still exist.  It’s not even a matter of racism anymore – it’s class-ism.  The economically disadvantaged being bent over by the economically prosperous.

Drunk, white and business casual I be. As I light a cigarette, they don’t even notice me.

Part Three


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