‘A Little Food for Thought’ by The Reverend

Would you rather eat a McDonald’s Value Meal, or enjoy a 5 Star meal in a renowned restaurant?
I think for most of you the answer is pretty simple. I’ll just have to rephrase my question!

Why are you absorbing your music in such an impersonal and industrial fashion?

Musical culture is an integral part of our lives. Our memories are triggered by it. Our mood is
affected by it. We move to that basic instinct that is rhythm. A catchy melody is hard to get out of
our heads. I always chuckle when people say they don’t enjoy music. Not true. They haven’t found
the music that they enjoy yet.

Think about it. Your morning commute would be much more frustrating/boring if all we had was
talk radio. Would Pulp Fiction’s opening scene pack as much a punch without Dick Dale’s

Yet we have cheapened the experience over the years, shifting our focus from rewarding hard
work with an attentive ear to the race for the ultimate single (more on that in a later article).
Vinyl is making resurgence, and it’s not without reason. In a world where a song, a movie, a book
is just a click away, where a hit is calculated by its image and length rather than its quality and
production, it’s reassuring that people want to take the time to enjoy their music again (also an
article for a later date).

I’ll admit I’m guilty of being part of the piracy culture. We live in a world where anything we want
out of our vast history of culture can be accessible in a matter of minutes, and that’s great. But I
have the sneaking suspicion that people aren’t using it to its full potential.
If I listen to a song I enjoy, I will seek out that album. If I enjoy that album, I will seek out that
artist’s back catalogue. If I enjoy that, I’ll seek out their influences. But not everyone does that.


Think back to the last time you were passively listening to music (in a movie, on the radio, TV etc.)
and a song caught your ear. There’s a certain euphoria associated to discovering something that
grabs you that way. You’re happy (“this is awesome!”). Ask yourself now why you wouldn’t want
to extend that feeling by discovering the rest of that artist’s universe.

So go see a band. Rent an old movie without knowing what it is. Download someone’s album. If
you enjoy it, buy it. It’s like voting. If you aren’t heard, other people decide. Talk to other people
about tunes, movies, whatever. Go out and discover.

Or just buy the soundtrack to a Tarantino film, or a “Now! Music” compilation. Sure, Tarantino’s
got taste, I’ll give him that. But buying one or the other is just letting someone ELSE decide for
YOU what’s worth listening to.

Here’s a few albums I think are great. Give em a listen, let me know what you think. Or don’t. It’s
up to you. Leave a comment with something you like.

I’m up for discovering anything.


Welcome to my mind.

*disclaimer: This entire blog is satirical; employing the use of exceptional amounts of reductio ad absurdum to prove overarching points about our existence as human creatures.

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If this is your first time here, I would recommend starting with some of my Short Stories before diving too deep into my Political ramblings. Four out of five of those stories are true and will give new readers an idea of the type of person you’re dealing with. People are just people; anywhere you go. The differences between us are very small and trivial; generally we all seem to struggle with the same type of shit on a social level. Humans are resilient and they adapt. Humans adapt to their environment.

Generally speaking; the differences between people break down to language, diet, and mythology. Whether economic ideology or religious rhetoric; it’s all hypothetical brain-storm type stuff that I’m going to classify as “mythology”. Diet is largely based on ones local environment. Finally – we have language; which is also pre-determined based on where one happens to be born.

All of these things are just interesting ideas that one or a few of us came up with at some point during our 200,000 year evolution. One-at-a-time nuggets of societal evolution.

Each of those things are cultural; and cultures should be shared. We shouldn’t kill each other over silly cultural and tribal differences. There’s no need for violence in 2014. The level of globalized interconnection and shared media present in our world should be enough for us to see how human everyone else is.

The point I’m trying to make is that if you take the extremism out of a fifteen year old bible thumper from the belt; and the extremism out of a fifteen year old mujahid; you’ve got two average, male, teenage brains thinking about tonight’s game or about the girl they like.

Take ten people from each of the habitable continents and put them on the same roller coaster. They’re going to have a great time together.

We’re all riding on the same cosmic roller coaster through the universe. Our species has spilled a lot of blood over this marble we all live on. From far enough away, we’re indistinguishable from ants. If you’ve ever watched a video of an ant colony; you most certainly will have noticed how well ants get along.

There are exceptions to this of course; there have been wars between ant colonies; intercontinental invasions; and competing factions fighting for control of limited resources.

I guess ants get along when they have to; but completely destroy a competing tribe for control of property and resources when they deem it in their best interests.

Perhaps ants are a lot like us.


JG Oblivious
NoK Contributing Editor

P.S. Enjoy the page.