How about Oblivious in Cuba?

This is a hypothetical pipe-dream at this point… but Oblivious does have three Visa cards that were recently paid off and a weeks vacation booked.

THE PLAN: Arrive in the evening; sleep; pick up a rental car in the morning; drive across the country from Havana to Santiago taking pictures of the landscape and making note of places to visit on the return trip.

Should he do it?

Check out this map of the route that Oblivious is considering.

Oblivious in Cuba?

The plan is to book a week long trip to Cuba with two to three days dedicated to traversing the island. The remaining time will be spent in Havana; experiencing as much of the culture as is possible in such a short period of time.

I’d like to experience the music, the food, the people, and to learn more about Santería.

A backpack; a notebook; and a camera.


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