Oblivious in America: Part 4

Albany, New York

I wake early; it’s imperative to get wakeup calls when you’re travelling.

Always operate using a dual-authentication method of timekeeping. Your primary method of waking up on time must always be the alarm; with your secondary method being the wakeup call. Some hotels have great wakeup call service; others don’t. Most establishments just add you to the computer or switchboard and it’s automated – but this isn’t always foolproof.

Either way; it worked in Albany.

I returned to the same gas station where I’d filled up my tank and made an illicit alcohol purchase; the gas station that employed the cute New Yorker with the fuck-me eyes.

A fat Italian guy, receiving his weekly milk order, rang in my coffee and breakfast sandwich. Friendly enough; but not as friendly as I’m accustomed to in rural Canada. Cultural differences, I guess.

What a beautiful day for a drive; a great day to be alive. Traversing the open road on the ass-end of the spring season with no idea what lies ahead on this beautiful day.

I chain smoke Marlboros and match up with pace-cars so as not to be bait for a state trooper. My strategy is simple – don’t be the first guy in a line of speeding cars; and don’t be the last. If you find a comfortable medium in which you’re the third or fourth car in a series of five or six – chances are the guy in the front or the guy in the back will be the one to submit to the will of state troopers setting up speed-traps between the endless toll booths.

I chose this route to gain access to cheap American cigarettes and booze; though the more toll roads I encounter, the less economical this decision appears to be.

Part Five


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