Oblivious in America: Part 6

Somewhere in Indiana

Never fuck on the road. Temptation is tricky; but logic trumps the allure.

Solo, I headed back to my hotel and got an early sleep.

Upon hitting the road at the crack of dawn, I find a huge sign reading “TOBACCO” at the next exit. Brilliant – this is why I took this route. I pull over and buy a carton of Marlboros. Legally, I can bring one carton back with me across the border; alongside one bottle of hooch.

I wonder how much more I can manage. Should I risk it?

Hitting the road; I enjoy the scenery and drive until I hit Minnesota. A few minor stops were made along the way – to take pictures and relieve myself.

On this day I used a piss jug. Only once; but I really didn’t want to stop the car again. Keeping control of my small car while engaging in such a vulnerable action provided some mild and unexpected comedic and entertainment value.

I was wearing sweatpants after all; fuck it.






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