Oblivious in Sosua: Part 2

I went for three walks on that first day, just around the block; not far.

As the day got later; the clothing became more provocative. Every woman I see is eyeing me up and down, smiling, and asking how I’m doing. I see Diablo again; that fucker. I walk away. Two black Dominican women cross the street and call at me. Diablo runs over to play pimp. Fuck off Diablo.

The chicas are dark skinned and beautiful. I see police on the corner paying no mind to the skin and narcotics for sale on the street. The companions-for-hire put their arms around me and say, “You ever have two girl suck yo dick same time. Oh Papi… we suck yo dick real good”.

A Spanish speaking tongue calling me ‘Papi’ is hot; not sure why – but it’s certainly a turn on. Something about that native tongue spouting such a suggestive and masculine term in such rudimentary English is on-putting. I posit this is how one advertises their services while employed in such a profession. Pimping is illegal in this country; but hooking is not.

Both their arms around me, one pulls out her right breast while the other grabs at my business. The police don’t care… at all. Diablo is playing goalie.

Fuck this shit, I need to get out of here.

Temptation is tricky. There’s something about that chocolate-cinnamon skin and those skinny hands grabbing my junk while I do everything in my power not to ask how much.

When I finally walk away from these women; I really start to notice all of the others – just like her and her friend.

“How can shit like this exist in the world?” is something I asked myself in Dubai. The answer, quite frankly, is supply and demand. There’s always a demand for our vices. I’ve been here less than 24 hours and I’ve been offered pussy, pot and cocaine. Our species is one of experience and temporary satisfaction. If I was less spiritually fulfilled than I am; I’d of gladly taken the cocaine. My understanding is that the Dominican Republic is a transit point – so you know the marching powder would be pure. I can smell fresh pot from my hotel; surely it’s not Canadian grade but it can’t be that hard to locate.

Animals; the whole lot of us. Monkeys who’ve figured out how to build things.

Part Three

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