Oblivious in Sosua: Part 3

So much rum; before, during, and after snorkeling on a coral reef for hours upon hours surrounded by beautiful tropical fish.

There were three Americans, several Dutch, a lone German and then myself. Two and a half hours in the back seat of a van en route to the reef can make a man thirsty. We disembark for our boat ride in a small fishing village of around one hundred people. I walk into the nearest bar and order a beer for the boat.

Quesero una cervesa, por favor.

We haggle over the price for a moment; they open my beer and I leave with the group. Three US Dollars for a forty-ounce bottle of Presidente; not bad, I guess.

I finish it by the time we get to Paradise Island; that’s when Ramon (our tour guide) takes a large bottle of Brugal rum from his bag and starts pouring drinks.

“Rum makes the fish bigger.” he says.

It makes the fish something, I thought. Not sure what. Perhaps it just lowers our inhibitions enough that we’re indifferent to the fact that a shark could tear our fucking legs off. With this, the rum helped. I’ve never been a fan of dark and deep water. Not because I can’t swim; but because I’m hyper-aware of the unknown creatures that lurk beneath.

Some of them are beautiful; but realistically, some of them are deadly.


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