Fear and Loathing at Stephen’s House – Part 3: Bill C-51

This law is unnecessary.

Statistically, it’s unlikely one’s physical safety would ever be directly affected by terrorism within this beautiful country.  We are a good, ethical nation that has grown to be one of the most peaceful and respectable nations in the world.  We gained our independence rather peacefully; aside for a few transgressions; and we carried that aura of correct behavior into today.

We are an honorable nation that only responds with military force when it is our moral obligation to do so.

We’re not the United States, post 9-11.  We’re a great nation that has preserved Canadian values throughout a rather valueless and dark time experienced by much of the rest of the world.

That peaceful ride was truly thanks to the Conservative Party of Canada’s excellent governing during a time when everyone was scared. This is most especially true in regard to the appropriate development and deployments of our military; involved in operations we had a moral responsibility to be a part of.

We’re not a scared nation anymore, though. We have a significant percentage of our generation trained to defend our country; and a hell of a lot more of us ready and willing should the situation ever present itself.

Canada has built one of the greatest modern military in the world.

Our team is among the best.

We don’t need this bill to protect our country.  We’re orders of magnitude safer than we were before.


Sure.. a few bad guys may occasionally slip into our bubble; influenced by one of the terrorism countries.

It may seem scary.

But it’s statistically unlikely.

The one irrefutable fact that this administration cannot fathom acknowledging is the following thing:


The bill is too vague.  


Full Stop.



Our generation grew up with Jon Stewart.

We’re not accepting any of this nouveau-homage to the Patriot Act nonsense.



NOTE:  Blues and Reds (both) supported Bill C-51



8 responses to “Fear and Loathing at Stephen’s House – Part 3: Bill C-51

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  2. Mmmmm … okay I will bite into this rotten apple and take some shots at the above commentary .

    A three party system (parliament in our case) usually has built in checks and balances (upper house and lower house, veto, votes of non confidence, etc … in parliament-ize speak) that assure that one party representing as little as 34% of the populace vote cannot use their position and run ragged over the country.

    This assumption of course is false.

    The “Ownership” of the federal mandate is held by the hundreds of thousands of (both direct and indirect) Canadian federal employees. These employees owe there livelihood and pay cheque to the incumbent party. The policies that are hammered out in back room sessions, and then comically professed in Parliamentary Sessions in view of cameras and media – are not even the tip of the iceberg.

    The federal “expert(s)/employee(s)” who develop the policy from a two-page memorandum into workable practice models hold the power, means and the opportunity to do as they wish. Regardless of the party in power.

    Brief Example: Global and regional Honey Bee decline. We have a bill introduced to stem the flow of and to possibly eradicate hybrid bee populations. Canada Federal Experts (1) develop an ineffectual “education” program to NOT transport honey bees into Nova Scotia. They essentially send out a press release and put a sign up at the New Brunswick/Nova Scotia border. (2)A Canada Agriculture edict declaring all bees to be inspected (licensed?), hive owners and entrepreneurs to be vetted. Regulations x 38 new ones every year – espousing the needs of the people.

    Results: Drop in honey bee production that has devastated the industry.

    Meanwhile, container ships from the south and tropics drop highly organized hybrid African Killer Bees at out door steps. BTW, the Killer Bees do NOT target beehives as love partners, they kill them all if the Bee Hiver does not tae precautions. The same practices and safeguards he has been doing for decades. And, of course local beekeepers of Nova Scotia are canvassed AFTER these steps are taken for their thoughts on the matter. A full year and a half after the Policy was sent from parliament. and placed into law.

    Small example I know.

    But the same model of closed federal employee conference is used for environmental issues (although this voice is stronger and has a federal party with their own ideas). Same modus in military spending. Same modus on foreign investment, Same modus on social programs.

    The party in power only makes a difference if they can stop these fully vested federal government employees of bastard-izing even the simplest of political aims.

    So far no party has ever pointed to their employee “experts” as the culprits.

    New Government Majority Party Policy – Design a Horse for every citizen:

    1. The Conservatives would produce the first model with 4 weeks – the “Frugal Fido” – an inexpensive large dog that does not bark, can carry an optimum of 5 pounds of groceries which BTW is equal to the weekly wage it would encumber to buy such groceries. Cost to Own $7800 CDN. But talking government heads will use the media to tell you this is a great deal and you should get on board.

    2. The NDP would show us a “Grassroots Conveyor” in nine to ten months, made totally of Paper Mache and framed with repurposed revolution placards and telephone wire. It can carry more than 5 pounds of groceries but it falls apart after 3-4 months of use in public. Cost to Own $7700 CDN. Its media spinners, and town hall symposiums will espouse what a wonderful thing low priced alternative for the environment and our unique culture. Especially since all the Paper Maiche will be manufactured in Quebec and native people First Nation communities. You would be a traitor to critique such efforts.

    3. The Liberals would not immediately design a horse per se. They would take two years telling everyone that it cannot be done. It will use all it’s resources to tell you what should be done instead of what the other parties are proposing. In the fourth year, an election year – they will make a “Citizen Horse”. Cost to Own $700 a year automatically renewed by credit card until your last descendent dies. It will look like a camel. But will be 4 centimeters tall, can not carry anything, eats at the trough voraciously. Cannot be licensed for travel on roads, unless you are on social assistance.
    BUT – all Liberal Party candidates can say at their own discretion – (A) Ours still is a better CONCEPT. Or, (B) See what a waste of government money the other parties spent charge far more for theirs.

  3. I would vote for any honest candidate that would stand firmly in front of the people and state that his/her first order of business when elected would be – to fire 3/4 of the current federal employees that perpetuate a broken system for their own gain. I would start at Canada Revenue, Public Service Alliance, Service Canada, Citizen and Immigration Canada, Canada Job Bank, and every “Advisory Board” currently incumbent more than 2 years. Average salary per Policy Analyst in each of these divisions – $50,000 – $80,000. With tenure up to 20 years it rises to $134,000 guaranteed. No MERIT WAGE INCREASES. IT is AUTOMATIC. Keep the job. Get a raise.

    Take retirement at 20 years with a minimum age of 45 – Pension = $92,000. And then they are hired as Policy Analyst “Contractors” with non government wage equal to 1.15 multiple of their final wage ($154,100) until they wish to leave the cash cow. BTW the turnover of Canadian Federal Employees with at least 3 years seniority is 0.01 % per year. The percentage of Canadian Federal Employees that retire from their job with a pension is 98.765 % . The average age is 52! What an effing job!!!!!

  4. In support of my tirade above – I listened to a political response last night related to Syrian refugees.

    As most are aware there are hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees crossing into Hungary and pleading with global nations to accept their refugee status. Canada currently has had tens of thousands of applications pending.

    Quebec has said it will take 5000 Syrian refugees, New Brunswick has said they would accept as many as the provinces resources (including employment and social programs) can support. Other provinces step up as they are quizzed by the media.

    To date: There are NINE applications currently in the federal employee “processsing pipeline”. NINE!

    In response to a public Q&A – “What can you do to help the Syrian refugees? Thy complain the process is bogged down.” Our federal leader answered last night that he would instruct those responsible to immediately expand the immigration services responsible to speed up the process.

    The immigration program coordinator responsible for this process announced this AM that he has doubled the number of staff (6 to 12) and this would effectively “double our current output”. Nine to EIGHTEEN !!!!


    Who controls a nation’s government?

    Policy makers? = NOPE. Policy Facilitators? = YUP

    It does not matter who is voted into power, unless they clean out the tenured, pension-guaranteed federal employees who really run this country.

    By law – tenured federal employees cannot lose their jobs when a government leadership changes. Federal employees get scaled salary increases by length of service NOT by merit.

    Time to take charge of our country.

    • Also, it’s unfortunate that Middle East is unable to absorb more of the refugees into their countries. Countries with a similar language, culture, and climate to those of the refugees should be integrating many more than they are into their societies.

      My opinion as to why they are not; is that there exists a quasi-caste system among the cultures and sub-cultures in those countries.

      “Our Muslims are real Muslims; those other slightly different people that call themselves Muslims are kafir. A dispute hundreds of years ago regarding who should lead our religion means that those people are invalid. Fuck them.”

      Saudi Arabia is only marginally higher on my social morality scale than ISIL. Whichever way you cut it – their beliefs are similar to that of ISIL and they reject the refugees for the same reason that ISIL threatens their lives.

      Alas… the debauchery is great for television ratings and social media “shares”. So, it won’t change.

      • Wholeheartedly agree with your summation of the issue.

        History has a way of repeating itself.

        During the pre-WWII days (1937-1939) and into the early part of that conflict, Jewish emigration was welcomed by the German Reichstag. Applications to all countries was made by those able to do so. Approval was ubiquitously given by the host country (Germany/Austria) almost without delay – IF – it was to anywhere outside of the European theatre.

        Nations as diverse as can be imagined willingly accepted Jewish refugee applicants – Ireland, Australian, Iceland, Canada to name a few. Conspicuous by it’s lack of enthusiasm (in 1937-1942) was the USA which had a maximum ceiling of 3500 (later expanded to approximately 5000) applicants. A pittance in number as 200,000 had applied to emigrate to the USA at that time. Many applicants simply fled to the USA as “visiting relatives” and stayed.

        Of course, there the comparison gets murky.

        Actual Jewish immigration was limited to those that had the funds to do so – unlike the current Syrian example which is typically poor peasant or working stock people fleeing their country “unclothed, unbathed, penniless”.

        I suspect that the subsequent pogroms and holocaust of the Jewish people during WWII have made some present day western citizens feel guilty about their historical reticence of accepting war-torn refugees. However –

        Yesterday Obama announced plans to expand the American “resettlement” of Syrians to a whopping 10,000 – “next year (2016)”. Mmmmm, history repeating itself yet again (?).

        I agree with you – although we are a global society it is not possible to answer these Middle Eastern issues without looking hard at the root of the problem – to wit – regionalized cultural (GeoPolitical/Religous/Caste) conflicts.

        These issues must be embraced and solved by the regional nations in place. To have western nations involved in anything more than minimal influence seems to prolong the agony and in doing so detracts from the real solution.

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