Canada, Inc. Part 8 – Education

The educational paradigm we are using does not align with contemporary reality of the world we live in. Both funding and pedagogical philosophy should be revised entirely.

There are several important items to cover in relation to how education must be re-shaped in order for us to function as a cohesive society.

Free Post Secondary Education

Implement free post secondary education across the board. Individuals can attend any Canadian university that their aptitude will allow them to get into. If we remove the cost factor around education; these young fertile minds may just happen to solve every fucking problem our world faces right now.

Nutrition and Life Experience

Incorporating gardening and more field trips into every child’s experience. We have thirty-seven million people in Canada. Double the child-tax benefit to ensure proper nutrition. Every home could perhaps also be given a subsidy or a kit with solar panels and hydroponic equipment so that every home can produce it’s own food. Incorporate children learning at school about gardens and perhaps having a greenhouse built at every school. Every child should grow into an adult that has the knowledge to be self-sustaining.

Fast-Track Hiring and Qualifying of Teachers

Teaching teachers must be much faster. This could be introduced as a stop-gap solution for the lack of substitute teachers. Unload money into this to pay salaries for lots of more vetted and properly trained adults to craft our young people into the leaders our world needs tomorrow. The types of things that make a good teacher are not only the things you learn in university at thousands of dollars a year. The types of things that make a good teacher are innate. The reality in Canada now is a shortage which has administrators and EAs covering for teachers.

An individual who chooses a career in teaching and is a really good teacher is much like one who chooses a career as a personal support worker. They have inborn personality traits that make them good at their job. Patience. Kindness. A steady hand. Things that cannot be taught.

Therefore, in order to pick out who should be a teacher in a time of a teacher shortage is to seek out those with desirable personality traits and life-experiences and have them shadow 12 teachers over two years. During this time the experienced teachers job is to train the fresh teachers “in-house”. Good old ‘on-the-job-training’

Perhaps EA should be the first step or barrier to entry into a career in teaching. That’s where you start. You can stay and work and specialize as an EA if you desire. Their main qualification is being certified in the core competencies of their job. Any individual having post-secondary graduation in any subject or a personal and professional history that would compliment the next generation should be considered.

Those With Differing Needs

Invest in EA’s and all other supports that students with differing learning styles require so that they receive the same quality of education as their peers who fit more precisely into what the industrial-aged-education-system wants them to be. Everything from assist devices to stand-up desks to funding of specialized schools and inclusiveness training for all people involved in education.

This is absolutely one of the few things I believe every government must invest human and financial capital into with what should amount to a blank check.

End The Education-Industrial-Complex

Isn’t that great? How one can just add the suffix “-industrial-complex” to anything and it’s either complete and utter conspiratorial nonsense OR one gets the picture immediately that we live in a Capitalist dream world within which (some) morally bankrupt educational institutions that were founded on the noble and ancient pursuit of knowledge have been perverted into elitist profit centers that perpetuate the worst parts of society.

The same sentiments stated earlier about elementary and secondary schools extends to post-secondary.

FUND EVERYTHING. Every student. Every mind.

Make the entire thing NOT about money. At all. At every level of government and society.