Canada, Inc. Part 12 – Russia, Greenland, and the Arctic Council

The second largest country in the world bordering the largest country in the world tied in with the property and cultural rights of the member states, participants, working groups, councils, and other subsidiary bodies of the Arctic Council (More Info 1, More Info 2) is an important yet avoided topic of discussion in Canadian politics.

Russia has the oligarchical ability to simply order large swathes of the country into compliance. Canada has corporations to nudge politicians into essentially the same thing. Instead of any meaningful action, we bitch about it on Facebook and passively accept how progressively and perpetually we’re being shafted environmentally and economically.

Solar panels all over the arctic, all over Saskatchewan, all over Siberia.

Dump money into it. Russia will use North Korean slave labour (like they always do) for those really far away money saving projects for the Kremlin. We can then ignore that fact and enter into a peaceful agreement to share green power. We can team up and distribute green technology to the world by virtue of simply covering massive amounts of open space producing a resource thats’ need is perpetually growing and very low impact on the environment. Architecture it into the landscape.

We have societies all around the Arctic Circle that have existed thousands of years before Mass European Immigration to the Americas or any other part of the world.

Arctic sovereignty will be a massive political issue between Canada, Russia, and Greenland (Denmark) as climate change progresses and new lands become traversable and then inhabitable.

This means new oil reserves and shipping routes. This means new military bases. This means new international priorities. This means new compromises.

Are the same people and values that directed how Canada and the United States handled the Russian invasion of Ukraine or Afghanistan or Syria the same kinds of people and values that we want directing whether we lead with cooperation or shoot at our Arctic neighbors?

What do you think the North American strategy would be?

Arm and train the first nations people encircling the arctic and then impose sanctions on the groups within the borders of other countries that are not explicitly Tweeting that they are “with us”?

To hell with that warmongering horseshit!

Shame on those swine! Shame!

Peacemakers and peacekeepers. That’s who we are.

It may not be who our politicians and corporations are but it damn well is who Canada is.

Before we consider any friendly relation with Moscow; the Russians gotta stop beating queers and fucking with Muslims and other minorities. Chill on that hate-shit.




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