Canada, Inc. – Part 14: We Have a Four Party System, Damnit!

The above was a paid advertisement by my incumbent (Liberal) Member of Parlaiment that implies there are only two options this time around.


At no time in Canadian history has the time to take our country back from corrupt bankers and politicians and elites been more realistic and fathomable an option as it is right this moment! There are at least FOUR candidates in every riding. One for EVERY major party.

The above post by a local Liberal Party campaign implies that only two parties (perspectives) matter. That is inaccurate as the Green Party has candidates in every riding. They could (by fluke/chance) have a green wave wash across the country just like our corrupt Prime Minister Trudeau lucked into last time.

It wasn’t luck though, was it? The banks and hedgefund managers needed legal weed and the Blues could never hand that to them. But here we are.

The Greens and NDP aren’t vote splitting parties this time around. There are four candidates in almost every riding in Canada for the first time in history.

Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and Greens have candidates running in every riding


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