ANTS! – Part 4: The Way The Ants Took Over

Like the apes of Heston; these creatures evolved to rule a Holocene-shadow of our meaty species. Over time they built cities like we had. My ability to narrate my experience is un-explainable – even to myself. Perhaps it is a testament to the immortality of the soul.

Do these ants have souls?

We watched from above as our descendants perished; soon to join us in the here-after.

As their technology and psychological sophistication grew; the ants very quickly befell the same sorts of political and geographical follies as their mammalian forefathers. Their competition for resources would not be described as diplomatic in any such way. It was much more of a blitzkrieg.

The radiation blasts warmed the ice-caps beyond anything industrial ever could have. Ants have the ability to form cohesive rafts to ride out floods. This allowed every type of ant in every place to reach the new continental islands formed around our space-sphere.

It also tweaked the ants enough to allow reproduction among once incompatible species. The Bulldog ant of Australia – considered one of the deadliest in the world in our time – floated in ant-rafts to each corner of the compass. In all but the Southern jurisdiction did they find treasure and mates. In the south they found ancient diseases beneath the ice-caps that killed them as it likely would have us; if not for them.

Bulldog-Ponys and and the Fiery-Bullet-Siafu became the dominant tribes as the ants began to grow larger; swarming and slaughtering competing tribes and species for space and resources; an echo perhaps to their human forefathers that dusted the earth with radio-pestilence.

Also perhaps in homage to us; they enslaved the ant-races they considered lesser than. The larger and more technologically advanced ant-tribes used their collective hive minds to assimilate or destroy all of that which they encounter. The only species that really held any chance were us for that brief period of time in which they farmed us. One could argue that the various species of ants are different; but all of the ants were capable of speaking the silent-hive-language of the insect-beasts.

Our screams met with silence by the dominant species alongside lesser ants if the Dogs were hungry; it’s almost sicker – the silent death of the weaker ant. Each ant knowing it’s place; it’s silent death-squirms as the Bull-venom takes hold alongside our treacherous mammalian wails. Equals in those final moments; but the beast dying beside us would surely bite our bones to shreds if it passed alongside us in the wild.


The blasts that poisoned the earth were meant to cleanse her of the virus. The official story is one of a tainted meat market. Swiftly silenced rumors of a leaked bio-weapon are more akin to the truth.

The Orwellian nation-state from which we source our goods had been interring the religious minorities and political dissidents for generations. Ramping up over the past few years; they have perfected the logistical science of cataloging and warehousing humans for organ harvesting and political extermination almost as well and better hidden than the Axis force in the Second Great War.

Leaked numbers of dead reached the millions as hackers breached the official news channels; nearly instantly the numbers slashed by two and three digits; greatly downplaying the toll. Hospitals and mortuaries and crematoriums constructed in days. Scaring a population of billions into staying indoors for weeks while government workers in hazmat suits drag people away in vans with zero due process.

Fear is the tool of an oppressor.

Who else do you think is being erased in those ovens?

What about all the Uighurs who have vanished into re-education camps and prisons? Patient-zero was an escaped test subject who sought to bring his torturers to justice by telling the world of their plight. Not knowing where or how to escape; things were broken and smashed on their escape from the lab. In the darkness of night; yet un-infected; they first destroyed as much as they could before escaping. It was this noble act of rebellion that ultimately led to the state in which we left our world.

Those vials were filled with the worst diseases and plagues known to and created by man. Even entering the room the vials of death were contained within was enough to infect the strongest of us. How would this villager who was abducted and tortured and transported to a strange and futuristic hospital for biological experimentation know that an expression of his justified rage at this critical moment would be the downfall of the society he wishes to rejoin and free.

Smashing every piece of glass in view before escaping; they were eventually captured three-point-four miles away in the neighboring city of Bandan; shot dead in a live-meat market among a crowd that were told it was an escaped murderer and thinking nothing of the brute force used to quell the threat.

It was already too late. The dormancy for some was hours or days; for others a month or more. So many… so fast.


The blasts were meant to cook and burn and destroy the virus. A last-ditch effort to cleanse the earth of that which was killing us. Instead; the thermonuclear blasts eradicated billions of people and then caused the earth and it’s creatures to change forever.

Now we find the ants as the rulers of the earth and the bees become the rulers of the air. That is how it is now. When everything melted from the blasts; much of the coastlines of every continent were sunken and washed away. New islands and rivers were formed; new lakes and streams. Obscure ancient fungi also thrived.

As the ant-rafts crossed oceans and found the pockets of humans still alive – they farmed us. Our final bombs knocked out all that we ever knew about how to sustain ourselves. I am not sure the bombs that created these giant beasts would ever be able to stop them now – not without destroying this entire planet.

The hive-mind ants would surround us; their many moving legs as living bars; their jaws as bailiff. They eat us when they are hungry; but they prefer the sweet crops our species left behind. They also enjoy the meat of other animals. Some of the… groupings… that they kept us in grew quite large; miles around; millions of park-bench-sized to full-on-steamroller-sized insects surrounding small to medium sized agricultural communities and silently and hungrily demanding a sustenance to temporarily quell the soulless way in which they will surely devour each of the inhabitants and their homes as supplies dwindle.

Giant anthills dotted every landscape. Pipelines of mutated ant species; now giant; silently working together for the goals of the hive – whatever they may be. They find use for many of our things; hastily working out architectural innovations and solutions that incorporate that which we have left behind.





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