Canada, United Once More

Our Prime Minister and our government has responded exceptionally well to the COVID-19 crisis. The values shown today during his speech and the actions taken by our leaders has renewed, even if only temporarily, my faith in our Nation and our species.

Oddly enough every country in the world is presently implementing the types of Universal Basic Income and guaranteeing of basic necessities that our society is due for. The same type of system my maniacal rambling has screeched and clawed at; often merely pissing in the wind, may be upon us. The far-right-down-south will call this socialism; contemporary McCarthyism declaring a red scourge burning across Wall Street. They already have.

We pride ourselves on the largest undefended border in the world but at the same time our neighbors to the South are the world’s biological powderkeg; the moistened-smallpox-blanket of our time. Ironic really. Waves of untested Americans heading North is a real danger. Armed to the fucking teeth and in search of fresh water and open space; away from others; to social distance and self-isolate.

Socially enforced distance sought with an unlimited supply of arms from their country and drugs from their Southern neighbors. The Americans are scared and the next phase of this crisis may well be American refugees heading North.

Trump would never let that happen though… would he? Armed and scared; who knows what he’ll use the military to try steal from us when he’s desperate.

How fragile the checks-and-balances after decades of… perhaps a century or more of industrial-complexity. No country more-so than the Americans. The beauty of the society that our democratic forefathers fought for during the Great Wars is being displayed by most countries in the world at this very moment. Every widget in society essentially-functioning or self-isolating for the greater good of us all with full-on support and leadership from their governments howsoever constructed. Except in America.

What I hope my Government can maintain is our safety and our supply chains of essential goods; especially from the Capitalist and Imperialist influences that may prey upon it. The paranoid-Right, the Prepper-folk, may declare a New World Order. Aye. Indeed. Unfortunately not something to be considered a new thing, I’m afraid.

To quote our leader this afternoon, “… these are not ordinary times…”. Indeed they are not, Mr. Prime Minister. The look in your eye is different now. Things are closer to home than ever before, perhaps. Great speech. Hope and faith recharged.

You got this. Fix our country. Now is your time to go down in history as one of the greatest leaders in our story.

Hunker-down fellow creatures and let our experts do their thing.

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