ANTS! – Part 5: Advanced Virology

An accidental release of the greatest artificial evolution in advanced virology may not have been intended when it happened; but why did such pestilence exist in the first place? Why make it? When you play God and create invisible creatures that silently enter our meat-suits when we breathe; the only possible result is eventual escape or destruction. So… why bother?

Of all the ethics and prohibitions surrounding the cloning of humans and our inter-mixing with other creatures’ DNA – what could the possible motivation be for ignoring every rule that exists? If one wanted to experiment with such dubious evils; where is the best place?

Perhaps a large unregulated country that produces everything we need to function as a society and has for decades habitually inventoried undesirables and harvested their organs. Every piece of intellectual property has been copied and revamped there; why not viruses honed with human DNA and inter-species experiments?

Rather large assumption to suggest a world power created and released the perfect population control mechanism.

Or is it?

The logical end is a unified world united against the false flag of a manufactured but very real enemy. As things progress, we honor and elevate the ‘essential workers’ that keep our society functioning. Ultimately raising the standard of living and quality of life for everyone.

The cost?

From the perspective of the button-pusher; every old, sick, weak, or random person that consumes so many of the worlds resources no longer using the limited resources of the one world economy we really live under. Boom. Poof. In a flash, with no clear cause or bringer-of-death to hold responsible. So much chaos and so much left in the dust. Then we just move on; all tied together under that one worldwide tragedy we can’t explain. Oopsie.

One thing is for sure; there is one place in this world we know that inventories and harvests humans on an industrial level. Why would it be any more of a stretch for them to develop a targeted pathogen that infects everyone silently and eliminates almost everyone with pre-existing health conditions or whom are advanced in age – the very same people that certain dictatorial or oppressive societies consider expendable, less-than, or an outright waste of resources.

What a perfect way to prove the incompetence of your only real competition for world military domination after decades of slowly siphoning all of their jobs and capital by playing within the silly capitalist paradise they created; fueling it with your own country’s slave labour until your enemy is so dependent on your teat that as soon as you let go their whole society falls apart.

The essential members of society are celebrated by all levels of society as everyone else sits back and silently has to figure out who they really are inside.

Something something insect-dystopia.





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