ANTS! – Part 6: The Suicide Fire Bombers

The island of Borneo once contained the kamikaze ants who in their time were a force to be reckoned with. When threatened, the lowly workers can sink their jaws into the threat, hug them close, and then explode.

A violent marriage indeed as their hoards mixed with the various fire ants found everywhere else in the world. For always, the jungles of the island nation contained the pressurized bastards. We only discovered them shortly before the fall.

Before the changes, fire ants released a pheromone when threatened that alerts all other fire ants to attack. This didn’t change when they did.

Seconds after the first fire-bomber ant feels threatened it latches onto the attacker, locking it’s jaw before exploding. The liquid is putrid and painful and toxic. Suddenly a swarm of giant mutated fire-bombers attack the threat en-masse with painful stings and bites. Over and over, the biting never stops because the ants don’t feel threatened anymore therefore they don’t explode. The pheromone has them horny for violence.

They just keep biting.

In a way it was better to be taken by a swarm of the fire ant descendants as opposed to one of the bloodlines that slowly and savagely pulled you apart piece by piece in small teams.

Some of the souls in the here-after explain very quickly reaching a point of maximum pain and shock and describe their perception of their demise at the jaws and juices of fire-bombers as rather swift and merciful in comparison.



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