Cockfighting is Logical: Perhaps Ethical

As the manufactured falsepocalypse transpired; I among others obtained chickens. The evolution and urgency in local Kijiji ads this past few months indicates a multitude of new chicken owners. As mine grow from babes; some of them are certainly dudes. I promised my daughter after much consideration that I would not kill and eat the ones that cannot stay.

All of the ways to resolve this gender balance had been pondered over. Outright execution and consumption seemed most logical. Second most logical is giving away. Which is likely what will happen. So an ad was considered; so many for young roosters were found. Owners requiring a ‘good home’. Nay, new chicken person. In the factory world these things get killed before they grow up. Just because your baby chicken is a baby rooster doesn’t mean you get away with skipping the deed if the homes run out. Half those folk taking your pet would eat it. Why else take a rooster; honestly? Unless it’s one sexy damned rooster that some fancy breeder wants laying chicken-pipe in his egg-birds.

I am left to wonder about thousands of generations past; cohabiting with small amounts of personal chickens to feed ones family. The same gender balance of all creatures would be then as now. What to do with the excess?

Human creatures kill each other for fun and sport as well as war. PTSD was the descriptor of nearly every generation to some degree until very recent in our species’ past. The logical deduction of a generationally-shell-shocked species noticing how the spare cockerels fight is being entertained by it. Perhaps abhorrent to some modern sensitivities; death was common from a young age for many of our forefathers. From waking up to the rooster you eat later that year; to hunting as a necessity; or as far as witnessing war as a necessity. The world before our modern one was not that pleasant to exist in by modern standards. Shit, much of our planet is currently at war or unjust. Slavery exists now. Rape as a tool of war exists now.

Chickens aren’t people. If our world is one in which Epstein can exist; one in which the worlds strongest nation can use the destruction of two insured financial buildings to justify the destruction of two complete countries – one could reasonably argue that a human channeling their primal simplicity at chickens fighting to the death is a logical and inconsequential derivation of the human animal. Anyone who wastes their time arguing otherwise is a child, a vegetarian, a hypocrite, or a coward. I watched a cockfight in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. I own chickens now, because apocalypse. Some chickens are absolute assholes; some are cool. Fucken let’em fight. Let dudes pimp their cocks.

My position is that when viewed relative to the things that our power structures allow and has allowed to exist since time immemorial; cockfighting is one of many logical ends for a simple minded mass of humans farming chickens. I am sure if ancient humans could have convinced pigs or owls to fight; they would have.