SNC-Lavalin PAE & ATCO Frontec: Wars For Profit Draped in a Warm Blanket of Agent Orange 2.0

How does a country deal with the necessity of poisoning the landscape and some of their people in order to conduct new military deployments in the wake of Agent Orange compensation being ordered retroactively while protecting itself from ever having to financially compensate it’s victims the next time they need to spray places we invade?

The answer is to swap out dedicated career military personnel (with costly health coverages and pensions and some moral-debt owed to them forever from their country and especially their government) wherever possible and hire a private contractor to send patriotic civilians from across the country that were too old, retired, stoned, or greedy to serve in the actual military. That’s how.

It started in Bosnia in 2003.

SNC Lavalin-PAE – a combination of a Canadian construction and arms trafficking cartel from Montreal and a Lockheed-Martin subsidiary called Pacific Architects and Engineers – cut a deal with the Canadian Government in 2003 to funnel money out of Canadian Federal Government coffers in two distinct ways. One of those ways ensured we were placed in a situation where we were exposed to pesticides and burn pits and regular rocket attacks but do not have any health coverage related to those things long-term. The other way dumped money into a Trudeau-connected contracting company from Montreal who was the largest Canadian war profiteer in Afghanistan (SNC-Lavalin) and swayed the 2019 federal election – causing the first female indigenous Justice Minister to be ousted from Trudeau’s cabinet.

The first way, is that they decided to send civilians into war zones to replace soldiers to save money. How do they save money? Most people think it’s on the training of the individual to send into war; but that’s just one aspect. The really specific cost they were looking to avoid was the long-term cost of sending people to war. The kinds of jobs they replaced were often very dirty jobs; like mine. I breathed in significantly more burn pit residue and pesticides than other people, period. My first duty at 8AM and my last duty at 5PM 6 days per week was to attend to the monument to the fallen in NSE Headquarters. I still cry my eyes out when I hear bagpipes.

SNC-Lavalin PAE in tune with the Canadian Government made sure we only had 6 months health coverage after we got home. That’s the second-end of “saving” the government money. They don’t have to take care of us afterward.

Much dirtier jobs existed than mine. The men that stirred the pits were basically slaves from incredibly poor countries making a fraction of what we made for doing the same work in much of the case. It was fascinating. True unadulterated capitalism at it’s finest.

I served with a woman who spent 11 years in Afghanistan. A civilian who spent 11 years in a theatre of war. Not a veteran, according to Canada.

Or the guy in my tent who made fun of me for freaking out during my first rocket attack.

Or me.

I went over at 19, a humble 7 month tour as a janitor / data-entry clerk. Embarassed to tell people for a long time that I was just some dude sweeping the floor or supervising the local guys. Started having health issues when I was there. Weird sinus issue when I got home. I have had 4 tumor surgeries for rare tumors on random parts of my body since I got home. I have a tumor behind my shoulder blade, a lipoma. Hurts to use my arm. It’s not something one can just tough out. I have a tumor under my jaw in my face (again, opposite side). I’ve had my parotid gland removed on the first side and a bunch of lymph nodes.

Tons of evidence supports burn pit effects; but I also snuck out the MSDS for the pesticides that ATCO sprayed all over the ground so the bugs died.

My body is the evidence so whatever happens to me, make sure I’m not cremated. Find all the cancers and get my comrades recognized for our government putting us specifically in the vicinty of the burn puts and only providing health care for 6 months after we came home. Known danger. It was less than a decade earlier that Agent Orange was acknowledged and compensated.

This was never about money, it was about getting healthcare for me and some help navigating some things.

Now I’m pissed.

Someone who was committing fraud in the first place called the police and told them I was a “Combat Veteran” with PTSD who “refused to get help” and was “off his meds”.

This person and the police officers involved destroyed by life and shortened my life by forcibly administering a drug I begged them not to.

They did this and justified it by saying I was a mentally ill combat veteran. They specifically used the terminology “combat veteran” of which I am not, I’m a fobbit at best. They specifically said “refused to get help” and “off his meds” when both are untrue and misleading.

The police refuse to charge these individuals for Criminal Mischief and Criminal Harrassment for initiating a false police investigation and prosecution.

In my mind, this is kind of like a false rape allegation.

Someone falsely accused me of a crime, destroyed my life and all my relationships, destroyed my credit and my finances, destroyed my mental health, and I have not seen my child in two years as a result. She missed the Music Festival the year she was taken and was just snatched from the life she always new. At one point, social services told me it was specifically because I am a man. Nothing about war or mental health, because I’m a man and they needed a reason to put her with her mom.

These individuals face no repercussions and continue to stalk and harrass me.

This is Canada.

The police are puppets of the small town moneylenders and mid-high level politicians who own them through their local representatives (MP’s/MLA’s).

Every single one of you swine will say you support the troops.

I did it as a job and have tumors all over my body and later on when convenient my service was exagerated and I was arrested because it was convenient to call me a Veteran then.

Fuck you.