Pondering About Aliens

Suppose extraterrestrials have visited since we humans evolved. It makes sense, really. They being able to travel so aeronautically impossibly dictates a higher order of tech that must presume to be older than us.

Whether or not they had a hand in our creation is beside the point; they certainly affected our cultures at a minimum as an ancient cargo cult.

It’s the height of human hubris to assume we are the primary object of curiosity on this planet. These ships have been reported traversing into and through water as warm and buttery as they shift through the air and into space.

The STS-75 Tether incident is not a video found easily online anymore; the above slice of newsfeed from AP is about it. The hundreds of ships are called debris. Those things are intelligently piloted. That broken tether is miles long; how large does it make those perfect circles? Some of those perfect circles flash like a moody octopus.

Perhaps earths’ sea creatures are more interesting and unpredictable than us to the otherworldly observers. Given that we know more about space than we do our own oceans; perhaps the visitors have found the impassable depths of our oceans to be more fascinating than the highest peaks and our most innovative forms of art and technology, terra firma.

Surely, we have found stranger things in our oceans than we have on land or in space. Odder, scarier, more fascinating and unfathomable forms of life exist in our oceans at different depths and pressures; even in volcanoes and extreme anerobic or arsenic based environments; than we have ever confirmed on land or in space.

Perhaps life is as rare as we have always collectively thought it is; and our Earth fascinates the heck out of other advanced life-forms.

Maybe they made us and that’s God… or maybe we all evolved the initial spark of life independently and that’s why the abundance and variety of life on earth intrigues them so; as it certainly would us if we found ourselves in their proverbial shoes.

Such an understatement to refer to Earth as an ant farm.

More-so a multi-level community combination aquarium-terrarium freak-show mosaic displayed in a magnetic spherical gaseous fishbowl that post-1800 moonlights as a certifiably delusional chain-smoking composter.

Fascinating stuff. Huge ratings. Yuge ratings!



Interesting Relevant Videos

This conference happened on May 9th, 2001 – discussing trillions of dollars in black budget UFO projects and disclosures by military officials about our relationships with extraterrestrials.

On September 10, 2001; US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced trillions of missing dollars from the Pentagon.

The next day, September 11th of 2001, something huge happened where all the evidence was destroyed at the Pentagon and everyone forgot about the trillions of dollars missing. In turn they signed a blank check to the military industrial complex; directed by former Haliburton CEO and US Vice President at the time, Richard Cheney; that enabled two more decades of unaccounted-for spending.

86,492 BCE

The Denisovians figured out how to build ranged-weapons first. During the many-moons of the last Big-Ice; their weak homunculus bodies made them prey for the brutes of Europe and the shadow-skin runners of the landmass where the beard-cats roam. They walked toward the land of the stripe-cats and the woolly-ear-forks whose herds trampled our tribe’s attempts to cross their territories.

The Ice-People of the cold-place wear the skins of the forest-beasts. Their brute force was no match for the runners’ arrow; and their sophistication in spite of their brutality amused the swift-footed archers from the Levant.

For a time there was peace… but it wasn’t just violence that brought an end to the earlier humanoid realms. The natural folly of disease and overpopulation befell societies then as it would again and again. Thousands of generations of human-being-like-beings simply getting better at not dying.

The major misstep of the Neanderthal lay in it’s nomadic nature. They simply did not mind picking up and leaving where they were. As the generations of inter-living between the various tribes of humanoid caused a peace; so too did the nature of the neanderthal cause the opposite of peace. Not causing much trouble aside from the individual ostracizing skull-crackings of their enemies that prompted why many left; their families and slaves among them departed in all directions. It happened in waves. Some stayed and blended into the fabric of humanity; just like us.

This really is the cradle of our civilization.

It was too cold in the darkest-North for the one’s who had for many-Grandmothers lived with the Think-Run-People and the Hair-People in the warm place where the long-water meets the big-bowl. From the Indus to the Ivory Coast we had stories of what we are and how to be. Nature is a merciless set of circumstances and the divine theatrics of each corner of each brain of each ancestor lay the most raw and genuine examples of why we are how we are today.

It was necessary at all points in our existence that the use of brute force was the tool of the good and the evil concurrently. He who can knock down a tree with ten swings instead of our forty will surely take the heads of more men than we. It was nearly always only at times of scarcity that the artificial lines we drew between ourselves really mattered. Some bad-ones exist. For most generations trouble-makers were swiftly ended; especially among the brutes.

Death by unexplained illnesses, Ice-deserts, animal, and drought. Misunderstandings between members of some tribes were as life threatening as a Woolly-Fork finding you and your brethren harvesting it’s kin.

Attributable often to one or many of a cast of divine characters and forces taking innumerable shapes and forms. Part of the problem with language is that those of different tribes have large differences in perspective and comprehension. Often this caused violence.

The Large-Ones dispersed; as did all of us. The sicknesses they brought with them from our place would lead to their destruction in the Cold-Place and the High-Place. When they found us again after many Grandmothers; they knew nothing of our former kinship aside from vague signs and symbols scratched on rocks. The ones who could speak the signs brought peace but most others brought harm.

A few reconnected to our human-family but the rest were slaughtered with violence between themselves and the archers and brutes of our civilization that evolved without them. The thinkers think and knowledge waits; crafting better arrows and painting plates; while the civilized brutes protect the gates, and propaganda protects the hate.

Just like now.

The Truth Behind Roswell, New Mexico

He wakes up. The man is lying on a hospital bed in an open-back shirt and lace-less shoes when a nurse walks in and asks him if he knows why he’s there.

The man nods his head to indicate an affirmative ‘yes’.

The nurse, emotionless, writes something down on her clipboard and walks out of the room. A few moments later; two security guards and a policeman escort the man and his bed to an interrogation room where a portly blood technician draws four tubes of the green-stuff to figure out what’s going on.

Back on Earth; the research team haphazardly works through which contingency plan to go with after one of the mapping ships crashed somewhere near what the inhabitants call New Mexico. The team was close-scanning to find the source of the erratic radiation blasts that our sensors keep picking up.

“New pilots…” the commander says as he shakes his head on the bridge of the lead ship, laughing.

“We have to go back!” the captain of the second ship demands through a thought-dream transmitted seamlessly to the commander.

“We did.” glimpses the commander, timeless in his understanding of the dimensions of existence.

“Who’d you send in?!?” inquires the man. “BlorgDamnit!! It had better not be Dennis-Brian! That blorks skill set as a pilot is as well-tuned as his moral compass! Well!!?? Who was emitting such sporadic splashes of aggressive radiation ding dongs on the blue-green one?!”

“Sir… you really need to rest.”

Suddenly the task force general and his adjutant enter the room, “Dennis-Brian-The-Selfish crashed into the blue-green one; forever contaminating their timeline as first-contact.”

“Dennis is such an idiot.”



‘ANTS!’ by Oblivious

At the peak of the 24th century; man has been extinct for about two-hundred years.  We reached this state of extinction by allowing our differences to define us; thus allowing the technology of the day to solidify those distinctions – permanently.

What has become of this world is the result of mistakes made and bridges crossed and burned.  We used the brightest of our species to build weapons to offend and defend these superficial differences between the members of our species.

One button; one push; that’s all it took.

This wave of residual irradiated mist that swept across our planet removed us from it.  It also changed those species that remained. Millions of species died. Some rather quickly; chronologically speaking; and some very slowly. Our species lasted about forty years from N-Day. Our extinction came in waves.

The first wave was short; it lasted a few weeks. It started in the major city-centers where most of the ordinance was aimed. The effects rolled out of the cities and eventually swept across the plains to burn, deform, and sicken those unlucky enough not to have a previously unknown genetic predisposition that allowed them to last a little longer.

Those killed by the first incarnation of Un-Natural Selection were the lucky ones.  Their deaths only lasted a few days or weeks; they didn’t have to watch the Armageddon of the aftermath.  The fanatically religious embraced it; they anticipated their entrance to paradise. As a result; they did nothing to protect themselves – not that they could have done much anyway.

This first wave resulted in the reduction of our species from fifty billion to about five-hundred million – scattered around the globe.

Many of the survivors of this first wave of death were spared by genetic luck.  Something in their DNA made them slightly more resistant to the effects of the nuclear pestilence.  Still, many more were spared due to a properly executed response after N-Day.  Those without the genetic predisposition to resistance would fall in the second wave.

The second wave was the long-game; the slow, unstoppable and invisible force that caused deformities and strange ailments.  It entered our corporeal containers through our food, our water and our air. What could we do? We had to eat. Everyone has to eat. Our choice was to starve now; or to eat and risk suffering later.

The effects on animals were quite intriguing.  Millions of species wiped out; just like us. Some immediately; some slowly.  Some with obvious deformities; and some that simply didn’t reproduce after N-Day.  I’m sure they had no comprehension of the magnitude; as they are but simple animals – eating, sleeping and reproducing.  Their cognitive capacities simply weren’t there to fathom what was really going on.  Lucky them, perhaps.

Some species seemed unaffected – the ants in particular… at least at first.  After several of their generations – about twenty of our years – they started to get bigger.  Not much bigger at first; but soon they became the size of small dogs.  They still behaved as ants; just on a much larger scale.

Their hills became the size of football stadiums; and their preferences in food extended to a carnivorous desire for human flesh.  The few of us that remained were hunted.

Ants are known for having an incredible strength-to-size ratio.  This didn’t change when they did.  A small group of modern ants; in their advanced evolutionary state; could move cars and chew through front-doors.

The few of us who remained had to be vigilant and intuitive in the defense of ourselves and our homes.  The simple and routine acts of hunting or foraging for food were inherently dangerous, yet necessary, ventures.

Granted; we could see a swarm of ants coming on quickly in the distance; like a pipeline of Alberta crude bursting and flooding a city street.  These creatures would emerge from one of their tunnels like biblical locust swarms being sent to rid the world of whatever it is their jaws were tough enough to chew.  Human flesh and bone didn’t come close to that limit; akin to our species munching on a stick of celery.

After some time; it wasn’t the physical evolution of the ants that was the most troubling aspect of their change.  The most troubling aspects were their cognitive enhancements.  Ants have always behaved as a hive-mind.  Group-thinking and making decisions without words – almost as if being controlled remotely – was the standard method of work for these creatures.

They never did learn to talk; and we never figured out exactly how they communicated – though it appears to be telepathic.  Whether they use words or images; and how deeply and clearly their minds connect is beyond our understanding.

What we know for sure is that they’ve gotten smarter and more efficient over time.  You can almost see them thinking and problem-solving; silently; when they encounter a challenge.