Trudeaus x2, The Charter, and Notwithstanding Chr├ętien

It’s small details like the disrespect of our flag that weaken our society and allow cowards and crooks to run things.

Respect for the flag is symbolic of respect for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms we are SUPPOSED to have.

I made this exact comment to the New Glasgow Police during my filing of complaints about their false arrest of me. I made a deliberate comment to the officer taking the paperwork that it’s disrespectful to have a dirty tattered flag infront of the police station. I’ve referred to corrupt officers in our town wearing that same flag and tarnishing it with their horsecockery and lack of ethics.

Same concept. Disrespect for the flag by people in charge of shaping society and running it demonstrates a lack of understanding and respect for the underlying values we are supposed to have.

Not saying Canada/church didn’t wreck indigenous families or do other horrible shit. What I’m saying is that in our country we have the ability to stand there and protest and hold politicians accountable in ways that aren’t possible in lots of places. THAT is one reason this matters.

Most corruption in our country and community is simply buried in beauracracy. Too much paperwork and cost to get the truth out.

If we had teachers and police and lawyers and social workers and doctors that truly understood what our rights are – the tattered flags wouldn’t need reminders. This is basic elementary school social studies.

That flag wasn’t made at the founding of the country so it’s not symbolic of the colonial torture. Flag was designed and agreed upon by Canadians in the 60s. Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms was established in the 80s.

The flag is symbolic in our shift toward better values. Doesn’t make up for 60s scoop or residential schools or the forced sterilizations or forced covid vaccinations or the invocation of the Emergencies Act by little-Castro… come to think of it, the Trudeaus did all of the short list above.

Papa Pierre was the 15th prime minister of Canada from 1968 to 1979 and from 1980 to 1984. He also briefly served as the leader of the Opposition from 1979 to 1980.

Look up “The Kitchen Accord”. That involves a Canadian lawyer and politician who served as the 20th prime minister of Canada from 1993 to 2003. That PM was Jean Cretien. Cretien is responsible for the notwithstanding clause. One of my conspiracy theories is that Elder Trudeau actually so wanted the notwithstanding clause but couldn’t support it publicly.

In a nutshell – some Charter rights are subject to the notwithstanding clause (section 33).

Between when the flag was made and the Charter was made law there were 17 years, of that time Papa Trudeau was PM for 11 years.

Between when the charter was codified into law and now we are looking at 40 years.

In that time-frame, the PM was either a Trudeau or a Chretien for 19 of the 40 years since the Charter was made law.

That means the same small group of insiders gave us the illusion of rights with a caveat they can make up reasons to strip you of them.

Our flag was made before our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Charter is there to protect us but the same family / clubs in power now in Canada set things up this way. As long as they have ‘zee papers’ filled out properly, they can do anything they want. It doesn’t matter if the judge or politician approving the override of your rights just came out of a closed door meeting with the person asking them to do so (re: conduct of PM Trudeau 2 in regard to Jodi Wilson Raybould and SNC Lavalin / deferred prosecution).

It’s all fugazi.

TLDR: Anyone who disagrees with OP better come back with a valid criticism of the government instead of a lazy empty response like “It’s just a piece of fabric!!!”.

Someone commented with a photo of the Nova Scotian flag – solid. Agree. Great counter, even if sarcastic. Valid point. Our government is fugazi and our rights are pretend. Our current flag represents the rights we had before the Trudeaus and their old boys club gave us the illusion of more rights with a caveat they can disappear them when they feel like it.

Oppression is done in our country through slow painful expensive beauracracy.

Better have another “commission” or “committee”.


Is the Catalyst for a Greener World Found in Higher Taxes?

Different tax brackets are bullshit. Some people think that the upper “1%” should pay more tax.  The simple fact is that, by the virtue of basic math, they do pay more.  They shouldn’t pay a higher percent, everyone should be equal in this regard – a flat tax rate for all citizens.

If everyone paid 20% tax it would break down as follows:

  • Rich guy – 500,000 per year @ 20% = 100,000/year in tax
  • Average Joe – 30,000 per year @ 20% = 6,000/year in tax

The base tax rate should be the same for everyone. The difference should be the tax breaks offered, based on circumstance.  A 25 year old single mother with two kids making 30,000/ year should receive a larger tax return percentage than a 25 year old single guy with no kids and no commitments.  Tax breaks for things like dependents, energy efficiency upgrades to your home, volunteering/helping out the community on a regular basis, reducing your carbon foot print – shit like that.

On that note, I should also clarify that I believe businesses in certain industry sectors should be taxed to hell;

  • oil/gas industry
  • defense industry
  • anything over a certain revenue level threshold
  • anything destructive to our ecosystem or the general well-being of someone, somewhere on our planet

My hypothesis is that in order to force these large companies with bottomless bank accounts to stop destroying our planet for profits; you have to fist them in the bank account without lube.  Not using lube is very important here; it makes the rape less comfortable.

If we force companies that pollute to pay something like 80% tax on every dollar they make on dirty, antiquated technology while simultaneously capping gas prices at 50 cents per litre – they’ll be investing in green-energy technology in a matter of months.  While this change will purely be for economic reasons and not moral or ethical concerns; the ends justify the means.  Lay down another rule that every company in the Canadian oil industry must be 100% Canadian owned and we’re all set.

This will force the price of windmills and solar panels to drop exponentially – in turn making these technologies affordable for the average Canadian. Every home can have its own power production gear and it will quickly become standard to produce ones own power.

PS:  On second thought; all Canadians get free gas.  It’s our shit; it shouldn’t be 1.25 a litre for us.  Sell it to the Americans for that.  We get it free.

We’ve got better drilling gear than we did in the 1960’s and stronger processing technology.  We also have tons of skilled workers that should be building things like wind mills non-stop.  Provincial energy boards should be forced to do the math on how many towers they need per capita; vote to approve the budget provincially and just fucking build them.

If the private shareholders of the power companies don’t like that; too fucking bad.  There can’t be a variable cost applied to every single household in which those households have no say or alternative avenue to go down.  We live in a democracy.  Electricity should be a basic human right; as should access to a free and open internet.

It should cost less, not more.