Canada, Inc. Part 12 – Russia, Greenland, and the Arctic Council

The second largest country in the world bordering the largest country in the world tied in with the property and cultural rights of the member states, participants, working groups, councils, and other subsidiary bodies of the Arctic Council (More Info 1, More Info 2) is an important yet avoided topic of discussion in Canadian politics.

Russia has the oligarchical ability to simply order large swathes of the country into compliance. Canada has corporations to nudge politicians into essentially the same thing. Instead of any meaningful action, we bitch about it on Facebook and passively accept how progressively and perpetually we’re being shafted environmentally and economically.

Solar panels all over the arctic, all over Saskatchewan, all over Siberia.

Dump money into it. Russia will use North Korean slave labour (like they always do) for those really far away money saving projects for the Kremlin. We can then ignore that fact and enter into a peaceful agreement to share green power. We can team up and distribute green technology to the world by virtue of simply covering massive amounts of open space producing a resource thats’ need is perpetually growing and very low impact on the environment. Architecture it into the landscape.

We have societies all around the Arctic Circle that have existed thousands of years before Mass European Immigration to the Americas or any other part of the world.

Arctic sovereignty will be a massive political issue between Canada, Russia, and Greenland (Denmark) as climate change progresses and new lands become traversable and then inhabitable.

This means new oil reserves and shipping routes. This means new military bases. This means new international priorities. This means new compromises.

Are the same people and values that directed how Canada and the United States handled the Russian invasion of Ukraine or Afghanistan or Syria the same kinds of people and values that we want directing whether we lead with cooperation or shoot at our Arctic neighbors?

What do you think the North American strategy would be?

Arm and train the first nations people encircling the arctic and then impose sanctions on the groups within the borders of other countries that are not explicitly Tweeting that they are “with us”?

To hell with that warmongering horseshit!

Shame on those swine! Shame!

Peacemakers and peacekeepers. That’s who we are.

It may not be who our politicians and corporations are but it damn well is who Canada is.

Before we consider any friendly relation with Moscow; the Russians gotta stop beating queers and fucking with Muslims and other minorities. Chill on that hate-shit.




Canada, Inc. – Part 11: Environment Girl, Ad-Hominem Politics, and The Collapse of Capitalism

(Shared by someone in my Facebook feed)

These are different things! The media painted him as a racist and based on the initial false impression created by those inaccurately reporting the situation, people hated the kid. She is rock-solidly asking the right questions to the right people for the whole world to see and it scares the dogshit out of the establishment.

Attacks on the boy were for perceived bigotry. Incorrect info reported. He was a scapegoat to distract and further divide people.

Attacks on the girl are exclusively ad hominem attacks primarily coming from people with a very specific set of political beliefs. This set of individuals are losing this capitalist paradise that was so carefully constructed during the industrial revolution. Successive generations were indoctrinated into believing and accepting this system as necessary through the antiquated education system we still use. Values and beliefs are ingrained slowly but similarly to the way that 1950’s U.S. guv’ment commie-fear videos claimed the Red’s brainwashed their folks. We’re just gentler about it in the west.

Cultural shaping is done through the plotlines of our sitcoms and whatever is momentarily in the spotlight of the 24-hour news cycle.

She totally has the power the snap this twisted matrix.

In a Canadian context; we need to look at our politicians strategies. Are they using ad hominem attacks more than discussing facts? Listen and see. Really listen.

I align with the Greens and the NDP. In a perfect world, Greens. We do not live in a perfect world. If you live in an area where vote splitting would allow a Conservative to take the seat – vote them out by voting for the Green or Orange that WILL oust as many opposition incumbents and deny as many Conservative candidates as possible.

The ONLY thing the Conservatives have right is gun laws.

We must be armed to the fucking teeth when the shit hits the fan. Unfortunately the only ones who will be prepared are the nutjobs in the backwoods stocked up with ammunition and food preserves for a hypothetical conspiracy that when the government tries to take their guns or infringe on their “Christian Values” that they have the means to enforce their freedom with violence; instead of everyone collectively preparing for the much graver demise of our ecosystem.

My belief is that the world is already environmentally devastated beyond repair and those in power know; as opposed to allowing absolute anarchy by being honest – they satiate us with things to distract and pleasure us until the oxygen disappears.


Part 12


Canada, Inc. – Part 10: Abolish the Federales

A revised election system is necessary. I dunno exactly what that looks like.

It may be as radical as looking like having our provincial ministers represent us federally as well, abolishing the whole three tiered system developed during a time when boat was the sole method of trans-Atlantic travel.

A time when federal ministers travelled by horse, train, or ship to represent us halfway across a continent.

Technology and travel advancements since then make a lot of neat stuff possible.

The excessive separation between us and them only serves to allow the least-oppressive power structure that the West has refined in the past few thousand years to keep us running at the status quo; ensuring job security for the ‘old guard’ during a time when drastic change is needed in a lot of areas.

Each party has at least one good policy (on paper); so in the interest of representing everyone by this system we have – very little progress is made in a timely manner.

In a nutshell… We have to find a way out of this political paradigm in which literally every political body can take long periods of time between official statements about issues like Northern Pulp or the SNC thing; and the comments pass the buck to someone else. Then that entity can take long periods of time to craft a statement that then passes the hot potato.

Yet nobody sets it down, lets it cool off, and checks how much longer we need to leave the potato in the fire before everyone agrees it is a fucking potato.

Canada needs a touch more transparency and a few more public jailings of CEOs and politicians… You know, for the ratings. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It works: 36 Bankers, 96 Years In Jail