Canada, Inc. – La Fin: Red Plus Thirteen


*le sigh*

Here we go…

Goodbye beaches and rivers. Goodbye Arctic.

Goodbye Indigenous communities affected by neglect and extreme racism. A lot of whom have opened up legal pot shops on their sovereign lands after being left out of the big business legislating of cannabis laws. Are you going to let them prosper or attack them for being the same kind of entrepreneurial that the suit and tie guys are in the cities; albiet focused on their communities and not their stock portfolios.

A most hearfelt farewell to protected environmental areas and extreme immediate investments in green technology that we need to exist for the next million generations.

Indeed, farewell to those future generations. Thou is missed in thine logical absence from the brief arc of time in which our species has but a drip of belonging.

The blue guys and the red guys are the same guys, guys.

Super job, champs.



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Canada, Inc. – Part 13: The Hill The Red Wave Died On

I shared an NDP meme on my personal Facebook and my MP reached out via private message to clarify/correct my inaccurate information.

Below is a copy of the Facebook message sent to my MP:

You’re a great representative for our region and are demonstrating the kind of politician we need more of.

I find the SNC Lavalin affair to be a sore point for me regarding the party. It confirmed for me where the priorities of the two main parties lay when things get down to the 11th hour bare bones reality. The blue fellas operated for ten years with SNC Lavalin-PAE as the go-to military contractor for the missions in Bosnia and Afghanistan. Another former subsidary, SNC-Tech, sold the US Military millions of bullets for use in Iraq. This is a war-profiteer swaying our federal government; and this particular set of facts was conveniently left out of the coverage.

To hear Scheer’s response on the issue at the time and also to hear Trudeau’s denials of wrongdoing after the ethics report came out was heartbreaking. Especially when the words said for his blackface apology would have fit perfectly as an apology for what happened with SNC.

To think that Scheer wouldn’t have interfered in the same manner the Ethics Commissioner says Trudeau did would be naive of me. As would believing Trudeau’s response script would vary much from that of Scheer’s. Ad-hominem bipartisan quibbling is always theatre.

While I trust you, my MP; I do not trust the Prime Minister nor the party.

My position on the SNC affair is very very biased which is why it shapes my opinion of the Liberal party so strongly.

I served in Kandahar working for SNC and swept up carcinogenic pesticide covered sand/dust in enclosed spaces for five months without a respirator or informed consent as to the danger. We were all also exposed to the burn pits every day for the duration of that war. There was a failed lawsuit in the US against KBR for the burn pits specifically. The only other outlying environmental factor in my life is living in Pictou County downwind from Northern Pulp my whole life (different discussion, though I find your position on that issue solid and fair).

Since 2008 I have had multiple surgeries to remove rare unrelated tumors from multiple locations in my body.

This includes three surgeries on the sole of my right foot that leave me at an impairment of mobility such that every piece of me hurts all of the time. Just severe enough to struggle with everyday things that consume every bit of energy and free time that I have; not severe enough to recieve any sort of help. Many simply think I am lazy or faking it.

Happy to watch SNC crumble. Sad to see the Red wave defend them. For me, the SNC affair is the hill that the Red Wave died on. I hope you win and the Liberals lose so Trudeau is replaced.

The way you operate; friendly with every representative and constituent at every level of government and never using personal attacks while also remaining factual and answering questions is the kind of inborn personality traits that a party leader should have.

The kinds of policy changes we need are immediate and very very left (I vote for the person not the party). The reality in Nova Scotia is different than that of Alberta or Ontario and expecting to come to any meaningful or actionable sort of consensus on a National level on issues like green energy and climate change is borderline unfathomable. Please prove me wrong.




Canada, Inc. – Part 14: We Have a Four Party System, Damnit!

The above was a paid advertisement by my incumbent (Liberal) Member of Parlaiment that implies there are only two options this time around.


At no time in Canadian history has the time to take our country back from corrupt bankers and politicians and elites been more realistic and fathomable an option as it is right this moment! There are at least FOUR candidates in every riding. One for EVERY major party.

The above post by a local Liberal Party campaign implies that only two parties (perspectives) matter. That is inaccurate as the Green Party has candidates in every riding. They could (by fluke/chance) have a green wave wash across the country just like our corrupt Prime Minister Trudeau lucked into last time.

It wasn’t luck though, was it? The banks and hedgefund managers needed legal weed and the Blues could never hand that to them. But here we are.

The Greens and NDP aren’t vote splitting parties this time around. There are four candidates in almost every riding in Canada for the first time in history.

Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and Greens have candidates running in every riding