Population Control: Genocide By Denial of Care

“The Doctor Crisis” we call it. A shortage of doctors and medical staff. This happening at a time when a significant number were fired and an entire several-years of healthcare graduates pursuing this as a career were forced to quit this career path due to the vaccination.

A manufactured plandemic plus a reduction in healthcare options equals a slow steady decline in population. Hundreds of millions of people with chronic medical conditions not being able to get even basic treatments or medications. Food prices go through the roof, jobs disappearing, and a goofy blackface-wearing pussy at the reigns. I can’t stand this horse-cockery any further.

One surefire way that we know corruption happens is the slow beauracracy of government. They slowly bleed you dry in your kangaroo trial and delay the process of your appeal until you’re starved and forced to plan an earlier exit than you had intended to maintain any semblance of control over your destiny if they ever try come for you again.

Genocide takes many forms. Holodomor was the name given to genocide by famine. Holocaust, a genocide of all but one particular ethnic group deemed above the lesser-peoples. What is the name we will come up with for setting up a structure in which systemic denial of healthcare can be used to cull the population? Canada has death panels. We don’t call them that, but in Canada – almost anything in this whole entire world that has to do with creating or ending a life can be executed with the John Hancock of the nearest Dee R.

That’s all the Nazi’s did. It was just paperwork. Formalities. It was gradual. Define a lesser class, point at them. Scapegoat them. Poke them. Segregate them. Make decisions that are detrimental to them in the background. Deny deny deny.

These fucking swine want you to die.

The big-sick-19 was to kill the generally sick, weak, and old. Step 1. For the rest of us it’s social control, social control, social control. Evenly spaced. Masked when asked. Carrying your papers. Consenting to extra checks. Compulsory medical treatment. Be a good citizen and stand for the special song while the lovechild of Fidel Castro and Mrs. Trudeau cucks for China.

With-holding medical treatment is one method of euthanasia (Medically Assisted Dying). This is a generally accepted method of medically assisted death – stopping food and medical treatment. Is it not the same when a government sets up a healthcare system so incompetent that the doctors in charge can plead ignorance while completely preventing anyone at all from accessing anything except emergency medicine. It’s just too busy. We don’t have enough staff. It’s not our fault.

You fucking swine.

In a world where I can go on Fiverr and get blueprints for a home or a website built or a brochure made for next to no-cost from some guy from another country whose labour is less expensive than ours – how can we have a doctors recruitment crisis in Canada when we have the biggest erections in the world for immigrants coming here that will vote for Trudeau but for some reason we’re not head-hunting every fucking doctor in South-Asia. Why not? Throw money at them.

The doctor crisis is a manufactured crisis. This is one situation where one could definitely throw money at the manpower problem but they choose not to.

We don’t live in a real place, with real laws, or real institutions to enforce these laws. It’s all fugazi. It’s pretend. It’s an illusion and a show; a piece of live theatre. The cast appreciates your patronage at their show. You paid for it, after all.



BONUS: There are space aliens in the video below.

Piracy Rules: Part 2 – SOPA and PIPA (Written on January 18th, 2012)

Gotta make some comments on SOPA and PIPA:

a) I’m impressed with all of the huge internet based companies blacking out in protest.

b) The amount of content that the average person watches, becomes a fan of, and promotes solely by word of mouth alone would take many hundreds of lifetimes to pay off if they paid for it.

c) Cable companies fuck you over, period. They charge astronomical prices. For the growing middle/working class its impossible for the average person to afford to view anything close to the amount of content they might be interested in; or even to discover it.

d) There’s a difference between downloading music/movies/tv/computer programs/etc to use in your home and downloading the content to make money off of it (i.e. computer shops selling pirated versions of Windows or burning movies you downloaded and selling them).

e) An artist in any form is a profession and a craft; intellectual property is important; what people can produce with their minds is infinitely important; acknowledgement of ones intellectual property is important.

f) The importance of marketing via the internet cannot be underestimated. I don’t have cable therefore I don’t see TV ads. All visual entertainment is via the internet.

g) You can’t fight fire with fire.

h) Newer and more innovative methods of revenue generation are needed to make sure the people who should get paid do get paid.

i) If you download a new television show; love it and tell me about it; I download it, I love it. I want to know who wrote it and directed it, I want to know what else they’ve done. I want to know the actors names and what else they’ve been in. I immediately google/wikipedia/imdb everyone. The “reach” of each artist has effectively been increased by the person who shared it with me, and those that I share it with. That reach expands exponentially. The artists aren’t getting royalties. In a perfect world they would be. The logistics behind trying to calculate, bill and collect royalties for everything digital completely negates the possibility that it could happen. What’s more important is that their art, their work, their vision, their story, and their unique talents are being displayed to many millions more people than they ever would have been otherwise.

That is all.